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Guest 7: Nick Wylie

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Episode 7: Masculinity, Privilege, Art and Capitalism   
Airing: December 2nd, 2015

Nicholas Wylie is a queer Chicagoan transplant to the Bay Area by his newly husbanded nerdy love Todd King, who recently designed some rainbow Doritos that got Mike Huckabee and some of the internet mad at him. In the shadow of those accomplishments, Nick organizes for and with artists, and sometimes calls himself one. He's currently working at a 40 year old arts organization with anarchic origins and nonprofit chops called Southern Exposure. Wylie has also helped to found artist residencies ACRE and Harold Arts back in the midwest. He has talked at students at SAIC, University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of St. Francis. The internet has come out for him at several key moments in his life, and he now mostly hides from it. Except for all the pirating and constant use of it. Podcasts are better than music.