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Inside Emily Eaton's Tumblr World

WARNING! You about to have the most unproductive work day of your career because of all the time you are going to spend on Tumblr. 
Guest #6 Emily Eaton is a social media champion. Turns out she is also a Tumblr maniac. From pop culture commentary to instant snapchat breakups, she has created a Tumblr for everyone! Here is a short list of some of her bangin' blogs. Also if you haven't already go listen to her episode!

 If you are lacking images of Kanye West or Beyonce you should have started following this blog yesterday. The EREYAYOUKNOW me Tumblr is like the fine wine of pop culture internet images. You also get sneak peaks into Emily's life, so that is an added bounce!

If you have an insatiable love of llamas and also want to see some amazing llama illustrations by Emily you can't miss her Llama Funland Blog. Apparently there is a large community of llama lovers online, and their devotion is captured here.

Here is why Emily is so great, she saw a lack of North West dedicated blogs online and took immediate action. This blog both celebrates this baby genius while also providing a tasteful commentary on celebrities lives. 


Breaking up with people is tough, but Snapchat makes it waaaaay easier. Take some tips on how to dump bae from this informative and insightful tumblr that Emily and Liz Apple co-created.

Emily and Liz also create and curate a tumblr dedicated to filling a clear backpack with stuff. The pictures are amazing and will test your limits about what can and should be placed inside of a backpack.

If you are looking for male love on Tinder you have come across this dude, the fish dude. For some reason men love letting people know they can catch a fish. Love seeing the fish dude? Here is a whole blog dedicated to them!

Make sure to check out all these tumblrs and for an added amount of fun and excitement make sure to follow Emily's instagram!