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GUEST 2: Georgie Gibbs

Created on  Avachar

Created on Avachar

Episode 2: Fandom, Body Positivity and Women's Equality 
Aired: September 23rd, 2015

Georgie is a school librarian with the best shush in the business.  Her first internet spiral was appropriately at the public library and started with a visit to Shania Twain's fan website.  It prompted a love that would last a lifetime, for both Shania and the Internet. Georgie spends a lot of time thinking about the Real Housewives franchise, teacher's pay, her future Jeopardy anecdote, and whether she'd rather be a Hawn-Russell or a Beckham.  Hit her up for book recommendations or thoughtful discussion regarding One Direction on Twitter @georgie_ann or Instagram @georgiegirl84.