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Let's Hear it from the Girls

Like most media platforms, the podcast arena is male dominated. But there are a lot of women hosting awesome shows with quality content. Here is a description and critique of some shows that should be added to your iPhone (or android if you're into that kind of thing) immediately.

Sports Without Balls
If you scroll down the sports category in iTunes, get ready for #SausageFest2015. Almost everything rated to the top is a show hosted by men. But guess what? Women like sports too! in Sports Without Balls, Erin Foley along with rotating guest hosts, hilariously recap and analyze current sports news. The show is witty, informative and provides an often unheard perspective on an area incorrectly deemed masculine. One warning, so far anytime a guy has been on the show they make sure to remark about the perceived "novelty" of women talking about sports. Don't worry, Foley knocks 'em down or redirects to continue the quality conversation.  


Pop Culture Happy Hour
Love pop culture and smart women? Then Pop Culture Happy Hour cannot be missed. Linda Holmes hosts the show, along with an all-star bunch of NPR guests. Each episodes is a roundtable discussion on contemporary books, television, music, movies and well... anything consumable. She is normally joined by Glen Weldon and Stephen Thompson whom she strongly guides from topic to interesting topic. Holmes is knowledgeable on most things pop culture, but she kills (that's a good thing) television criticism and history. If Linda even hints at a new T.V. series stop what you are doing and start binge watching, the lady knows what she is talking about. 


Out of the Box
Out of the Box is a recent discovery I had while live streaming the L.A. Podfest. Hosted by comedian Rosie Tran, the show is comprised of different conversations between rotating guests about all kinds of life stuff. The content isn't the most original, but the perspective is unlike most other shows. It isn't often that an audience gets the opportunity to hear about topics like the Supreme Court or pornography from a woman's point of view, let alone a woman of color. Rosie is charming, sharp and really funny making each episode entertaining.