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Guest 3: Candace Roberts

Created on  Great Gatsby Avatar Builder , 2013

Episode 3: Representation, Perception & Class
Aired: October 7th, 2015

Candace Roberts is a San Francisco based singer/songwriter, filmmaker and cabaret artist. In 2015 she released “Take Back Your Beaver”, a comic feminist short film about reclaiming pubic hair and our bodies. “Take Back Your Beaver” followed the success of 2014’s much-lauded and much-critiqued short film “Not My City Anymore”, about gentrification and the tech industry in San Francisco. In 2010 Candace released her album “Honeymoon for One”, in which she asks herself to marry herself, and she’s been playing to full houses ever since, most notably the Fillmore, Cafe du Nord, the Lost Church, and the Make-Out Room. She also rocks the house concert circuit and had a three year residency at Martuni’s Piano Bar. Candace’s cabaret shows, often deemed “brave”, are chock-full of original songs and American songbook covers and they deliver big on social commentary and confessional story-telling, covering wide-ranging topics such as: sex, self-worth, cellulite, pubic hair, consumerism, gentrification, immigration, racism and more. Candace’s truth-telling extends to her filmmaking, which has also developed a distinct visual style, drawing heavily on nostalgia, saturated color palettes, over-the-top production numbers and casts of thousands.