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Bibliography: Episode 13

Episode Thirteen: Art, Commerce and the Internet
Guest Host: James Green
Date aired: February 24th, 2016

Episode 13 starts with the greatness of Vine and the need for more education around self-promotion. As new media artists James T. Green and Lea talk about the challenge of valuing art in a digital age, and how the romantic idea of the starving artist is getting old.

Bibliography: Episode 12

Episode Twelve: Insights for Old Millennials
Guest Host: Stephanie Lie
Date aired: February 10th, 2016

Episode 12 discussed the evolution of the Internet over the past 20 years. Throughout the episode guest host Stephanie Lie and Lea Devon Sorrentino discussed the neutrality of systems, how users have set the foundation of negativity in our data, and how the connected home might be a gift of time that feels like a curse. Check out the links that helped drive the conversation. 

Bibliography: Episode 11

Episode Eleven: Behind the Scenes
Guest Host: Robert James Algeo
Date aired: January 27th, 2016

Check out the links that had Robert James Algeo and Lea Devon Sorrentino asking the questions, what is going to happen to our online communities as traditional media continues to exploit audiences and website obesity grows, creating irreversible consequences?

Bibliography: Episode 7

Episode Seven: Masculinity, Privilege, Artists And Capitalism.
Guest Host: Nick Wylie
Date aired: December 2nd, 2015

Privilege: Is there a better collective understanding of what privilege is and who has privilege because of the Internet or are we just as confused as ever?

Art, Capitalism and the Internet: How has the internet impacted art’s influence on capitalism and how do (or don't) artists impact this system:

Bibliography: Episode 6

Episode Six: Friendships, Dating and Curation
Guest Host: Emily Eaton
Date aired: November 18th, 2015

Friendships: Staying connected to our friends is easier than ever before with social media tools, but has the quality of those relationships changed with constant exposure?

Bibliography: Episode 5

Episode Five: Mhhh Food
Guest Host: Matty Tucker
Date aired: November 4th, 2015

Food: It has been around forever, but has our relationship with it changed with the advent of the Internet?

Diet: Because of social media and the Internet, food is visibly intertwined with class and status. Now that eating is a global and communal experience, our sense of diet is warped.

Service: There is more visibility to the lives of people working in the service industry, but has the Internet helped or hindered food servers and establishments?



Bibliography: Episode 4

Episode Four: Life Events: Parenting, Birthdays, Weddings & Death
Guest Host: Sean Aquino
Date aired: October 21st, 2015

Parenting: Historically a new parent relied on a nuclear community to learn how to raise a child. Parents now have the ability to chose their communities and research endless amounts of information. How has parenting changed?

                                            Courtesy of Gify

                                            Courtesy of Gify

Rights of Passage: All of our most important milestones happen through our social media profiles. Some of our most intimate moments are shared with entire networks of people and span far beyond immediate family. Does the visibility enhance or diminish all of these special moments?

Death: Our bodies might be gone, but our legacies live on forever.

Bibliography: Episode Three

Episode Three: Representation, Perception and Class
Guest Host: Candace Roberts
Date aired: October 7th, 2015

Who represents you?: The Internet has given a voice to many different communities, but does that equate to better representation?

Courtesy of  

Courtesy of 

  • Viola Davis' speech:

  • Gay marriage will never set us free:

Perception in the Eye of the Content Holder: Almost everyone has the ability to be a content contributor, shaping and shifting our perception of reality.

                                  Courtesy of

                                  Courtesy of

Class Systems since the Cloud: How has the Internet impacted the way class is understood and conveyed?: 

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

To listen to episode 3 with guest host Candace Roberts go here


Bibliography: Episode Two

Episode Two: Fandom, Body Image & Female Equality
Guest Host: Georgie Gibbs
Date aired: Sept 23rd, 2015

The Evolution of Fandom: Has social media made our relationships with celebrities more personal?  

Buzzfeed & Body Positivity: The Internet is challenging former beauty standards. A majority of the content online is user generated, helping dismantle body shamming, or so it seems:

                                                                                             Courtesy of Instagram

                                                                                             Courtesy of Instagram

omen's Equality: There have been many social causes that have benefited from the Internet's visibility, why not women's equality?

                                       Courtesy of 

                                       Courtesy of 

Bibliography: Episode One

Episode One: Morality, Conflict And Social Politics
Guest Host: Harold Burnett
Date aired: Sept 11th, 2015

The Transparency of Morality 
The Internet leaves no stone unturned. We are moving into a world of ultra surveillance. Once an anonymous landscape, the internet is now a place of ultra visibility to the secret lives of everyone we think we know and love...

                  Courtesy of National Inquirer 

                  Courtesy of National Inquirer 

Conflict on the Internet
The media has always conveyed celebrity, diplomat, human strife but the Internet provides a personal view of human aggression. Does active audience participation change the way society engages in conflict?

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Politics and Social Media
How many people have you unfollowed on Facebook this political season? Has the internet made way for 3rd party views? Is the political atmosphere more transparent? Do we just want to mash our cats and our future presidents?

                  Courtesy of @Trumpyourcat

                  Courtesy of @Trumpyourcat