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#9 Good-Bye 2015

Remember as a kid each year felt like an eternity? When I was eight years old anytime someone told me, 'I'll be back in an hour' it felt so long that I was sure I could feel my hair get longer. Now a year goes by so quickly it takes at least 5 friends to remind me of what amazing things we all experienced this year online. 

Listen to past and future guests of Lea and the Internet breakdown their most memorable moments. Check out the list of Internet content that shaped their opinions and emotions and help us all say "Bye Felicia" to 2015. 

Harold Burnett: Why You Always Lying

Molly May: Caitlyn Jenner unveiled
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Emily Eaton: Riley Curry
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Robert James Algeo: Jon Hendren Defends Edward S. 
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Georgie Gibbs: The crying school boy
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