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#26 But Seriously, Care About Net Neutrality

After 2015 the conversation about protecting Net Neutrality seemed like it would be the thing of the past BUT SURPRISE! 2017 has Net Neutrality back on the ropes with a new “president” , new FCC chair and a republican administration that thinks the internet is connected from place to place with tubes. It is time to start worrying again about a free and open internet .

My guest David Miller has been involved with Net Neutrality protection for years and helps breakdown the Internet’s impact on the music scene, how Net Neutrality affects small businesses and artists and the importance of educating yourself on this inevitable human rights issue.

Looking to learn more about Net Neutrality or get involved? https://www.freepress.net/  and the GLOBAL NET NEUTRALITY COALITION are great organizations that can help you stay up to date with this issue and provide clear calls to action.