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#28 Crossover Episode

Welcome to the CROSSOVER episode. For episode 28 we are blending worlds and airing the newest episode of Lea's other podcast, Everything Processed! Why? Because the whole episode is about the trials and tribulations of online dating. 

Listen to Felicia Burnett and guest host Kelly Coxsyn tell there tails of highs and woes, pick their favorite online apps and give some solid advice on how to Internet date like a champion. 

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#27 Babes in Techland

This will come as a shock to many of my listeners but besides being an artists, I also work in the tech industry as a Digital Strategist. Yes my love for the internet runs both in my artistic practice and my job, which helps funds my sick style and moderate lifestyle. Creatives emerging into the tech world is actually pretty common...

My guest Becky Lang is a writer, journalist, podcaster, and also a Creative Director. We discuss what it is like to pursue our creative passions and our digital professions and talk about the evolution into our current roles. We come to the conclusion that the combination of strategy and creativity might be contributing to a zen like balance that might seem slightly unrealistic.

#25 2016 Recrap

2016 has a bad reputation that has spread all over the Internet. In episode 25 former guest and all around internet guru Harold Burnett tries to help capture the mystery, triumphs and tragedies of 2016. This year is almost un-recappable, even from the time we recorded to the time this airs so much has happened. (So don't write me angry messages about George Michael and Carrie Fisher) The two of us bit off a few things and discuss the rise and fall of celebrities, memes, politics and give a fond farewell to the people and platforms we will miss the most.

#24 A Vote for Pepe

In episode 24 the Negative Jam duo are together again, just in time to discuss the impact that memes have on the 2016 election. Chris Cloud helps break down how the accessibility of technology and creative tools have made memes a dominant form of communication. We also learn that Chris might be a little more shy on social media than he used to be...

#22 Social Media & Activism

Excited to introduce Minneapolis artist and activist Emma Eubanks. At 20 years old Emma provides a unique perspective about how social media impact our communities and ourselves. She allows details the impact social media had on recent protest happening in Minneapolis and what a vital communication tool it is for her and others trying to make change. 

#21 You're Mean

For episode 21 I am joined by long time friend, writer and podcast host Courtney Algeo. The two of us try to determine if the Internet is making people more mean by dissecting our past experiences with Chatroulette and pre-online dating.

#20 Hi Mom!

Welcome to a new season of Lea and the Internet! This season brings you new guests, new thoughts, and new ways to look at the world we have created with the influence of the internet and technology.

I am excited to kick off with a guest I have literally known forever, my mom! She has seen a lot of change over her lifetime, however she illuminates that things might not be as different as we all might think…  

#18 Immersive Media

In episode 18 guest host Liat Berdugo helps dissect the impact of Virtual Reality and immersive media on our minds, hearts and bodies. The world is shifting from people performing in front of devices to people performing for devices. The two of us discuss the concept of this proposed new medium and the unpredictability of VR combined with the limitations of current reality.     

#17 Internet. Period.

Episode 17 is deconstructing the idea that girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Dana Bassett and I celebrate women’s bodily functions and the Internet. Listen and learn about our first periods, a woman who hides turds in her purse and the usefulness of moobs!

#16 Politics Online

In Episode 16, Longtime friend, writer, energy worker and political activist Kelly Morton and I talk about an obscure subject known as politics. We discuss how social media has been a campaign game changer, and the future of open source polling and how bitcoin’s blockchain can change voting.

#15 I Can Haz Art Money Now?

In Episode 15, performance artists, comedian and writer Kristina Wong discusses the impact that the internet has made on performance art, audience attention spans and technology yearning to replicate live human interaction. We also talk about the new ways in which artists have to hustle and shakedown friends to get exposure and dollars.

RERUN: #1 Morality, Conflict And Social Politics

Can you believe it has been over half a year since the first Lea and the Internet?! Now that the election is starting to heat up let's take a look back at the first episode where Harold Burnett and Lea talk about a lot of topics that are starting to come full circle. 

Watch out for the next few episodes coming out! Three smart and funny ladies will be on the show throughout this spring. Get ready for Kristina Wong, Kelly Morton and Liat Berdugo.



#13 Art, Commerce and the Internet

Image from Giphy.com

Image from Giphy.com

Conceptual artists/designer/podcaster James T. Green and I discuss the greatness that is Vine and the need for more education around self-promotion. The two of us as new media artist also talk about the challenge of valuing art in a digital age, and how the romantic idea of the starving artist is getting old.

#11 Behind the Scenes

Long time friend and comic book artist, Robert James Algeo details the impact that binge watching, consuming and developing have on the Internet's present and future. This episode has everything, Making a Murder banter, football, and big fat websites.

The two of us question what is going to happen to our online communities as traditional media continues to exploit audiences and website obesity grows, creating irreversible consequences. 

#8 Storytelling, Imagination and accountability

Content rules the Internet landscape. As our collective time is spread thin, storytelling is confronted with more challenges and opportunities to reach audiences. This new form of content development also impacts the way our imagination manifests itself online. People's fears and dreams can have real impact since they can be broadcasted to many different audiences through our social media profiles. However for every far reaching or closed minded thing that can be created, our lack of anonymity within our online peer groups can shape a new form of unprecedented accountability.  

#6 Friendships, Dating and Curation

Relationships are complicated. Friendships, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, work friends, enemies and our relationships with ourselves. they all come with their ups and downs. On episode 6, guest host Emily Eaton helps determine the impact that social media has on nourishing or exhausting our personal relationships, and how social media has changed the way we curate our identities. 

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#5 Mhhh Food

Episode Image5.jpg

Aside from the Internet, the only thing people can't live without is food. In this episode, guest host Matty Tucker, Founder and writer of the blog Burger Fetish talks about the impact of social media on the way we eat! We also dive into how our diets have changed because of technology and the impact the Internet has on the service industry.

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